Staxxiom is a lifestyle brand that creates unique, high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Our work is born from a simple premise: the need for smarter, simpler design in a world of ever-increasing complexity. While our work references the great modernists of yesterday, we are steadfast in our desire to create for the modern lifestyles of today & tomorrow.


Staxxiom was founded in Shanghai by Richard Langone & Leilei Peng. Fusing their experience and expertise in interior, home furnishings, and architectural design, they have created distinct products with international aesthetics designed for homes and families like their’s.


Staxxiom products use high-quality materials that are certified sustainable. From design through production and shipping, environmental integrity and social responsibility drive our decision-making every step of the creative process. Our goal is to offer the best product value with the least environmental impact as possible. To learn more about our products, link here.


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