Staxxiom products use high-quality materials, while minimizing environmental impact.

In fact, environmental integrity and social responsibility drive our decision-making every step of the creative process:

from concept to design to production to shipping.

Our products are designed to pack-flat for easy delivery, and assemble with no-tools or hardware

using our patented “click-to-assemble” components.

Staxxiom™ products celebrate the growing trend of smaller living by using certified sustainable materials that minimize your carbon footprint,

while maximizing your living space. Our focus on sustainable design even extends to our production technique,

using cutting edge technology to engineer a product that packs-flat, can ship easily, and be delivered to your door in minimal time.

Our goal is to offer widely accessible products that adhere to the following principles:

  • Simple modern design style
  • High-quality FSC sustainable materials
  • Reduce waste
  • NO toxic finishes
  • NO tools to assemble


Our first staxxiom collection is a series of flat pack furniture inspired by the modernist masters of the past, but designed for the lifestyles of today & tomorrow. Available in assorted colors, the interlocking panels and our patented “click-to assemble” components intuitively assemble without tools or hardware. The result is a bold, modernist statement that speaks to our design philosophy “form equals function” & eco-awareness.